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Cardano Stakepool

Cardano is a 3rd generation decentralised proof-of-stake blockchain technology designed and developed by one of the largest team of scientists and engineers.
ADA is the cryptocurrency running on the Cardano blockchain.
Delegation is fundamental to how Cardano works. If you are an ADA holder you can delegate your ADA to a stakepool and earn rewards.
We have been following the project since 2017 and were among the first stake pool operators starting with the ITN (Incentivised Test Net) in 2019.

Our Aim

We are a proud member of the Cardano ecosystem and contributor to the Cardano project by running our stake pool. The more stake pools we have the more decentralised and secure the network will become. Our goal is to keep our pool running smoothly and achieve the highest possible uptime and availability.

The Pool

The pool ticker is [HRBR] and we charge 1% variable fee and the minimum 340 fixed fee. It means that almost all the rewards are distributed among our delegators.

Pool ID:

The Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is built with security and multiple layers of redundancy in mind. We have servers in separate geographical locations and therefore they are connected to independent network feeds. The servers and the stake pool software is monitored 24x7 by an active alerting system.

Block schedule and updates

For full transparency we publish the block schedule at the beginning of every epoch and provide live updates when we mint the blocks. You can follow it here on the website or on our Telegram channel. Click on the image below if you'd like to see the block schedule for the current epoch.

Contact information

Join our Telegram Channel for block schedule and live block updates
Follow us on Twitter for pool performance updates and other announcements
Contact us via email for general enquiries on: info (a)

Disclaimer: the trademarks "ADA" and "Cardano" as well as the ADA logo belong to and are a property of the Cardano Foundation. We are not in any way affiliated with the Cardano Foundation - we are an independent stakepool operator.

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